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        please call - 888-799-1099 press 1

        or email info@truckertaxservice.com

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        please call - 888-799-1099 press 1
        or email info@truckertaxservice.com


Trucker Tax Service

A portion of your monthly fee is set aside to pay for the preparation of your annual tax return.  It is based on 12 months of payments.  For those of you who sign up after January, below is a chart of how much you will owe in your first year because of the short fall in monthly payments for that first year.

Trucklogics software app

704-234-6946 /support@trucklogics.com

nationwide tax consultant to the otr driver


If You Need More Information About TAPApp

To get information specific to the application look below under TRUCKLOGICS SOFTWARE APP and check out  our links to an introductory video, FAQs, Podcasts, and blogs. 

For all tax questions, look below under TRUCKER TAX SERVICE and check out our contact information for live calls, audio recordings, and tax filing information.