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Trucker Tax Service can save corporation money by providing TAPApp to its drivers

What if you thought about your drivers, their tax problems, and your driver turnover --- all at the same time?  Every year, every trucking company has to manage driver turnover, look for ways to lower recruitment costs, and find tools to help with retention.

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The Company Owns the Tax Preparation

When you lose a driver, what is your recourse to recoup some of your investment in that driver?  If you pay the portion of the monthly fee that goes to tax preparation, should the driver leave before year end, you own it!  That gives you an extra tool in your tool bag to incent another driver to remain with you by paying for their tax preparation.  You keep your investment, and you reward a loyal driver.

On-Site Support

When the numbers dictate, we will put a support person on-site; one who will understand your company, as well as, tax related issues.  Drivers trust an "inside" person to give them the information they need to make good business decisions.

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