TTS specializes in preparing driver tax returns and no one elses.  We Know your challenges and we can help you become profitable.

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I want to thank you all for the long hours, hard work, and endless trips you make to keep this country rolling.  I consider it a privilege to share this industry with all of you.

Providing drivers with their essential needs is a daunting task.  We can help any association with tax expertise and educational information.

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Trucker Tax Service, Inc. made it possible for me to buy my first house. I used to live in fear of the IRS but Trucker Tax showed me there was nothing to fear when you have the best team at your side."

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TruckLogics is a  cloud-based application for owner-operators, small carriers, and fleet managers.  We highly recommend you look at this.

We do corporate taxes, provide a monthly bookkeeping service with payroll and payroll cards that allow us to track all driver expenses so they don't have to.



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