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Trucker Tax Service, Inc. specializes in driver tax returns and no one elses.  We Know your challenges and we can help you become profitable.

ProfitHauler is a  smart phone app that will help tell all you drivers what your expenses, revenue, and profit per mile are at a glance. 

Providing drivers with their essential needs is a daunting task.  We can help any association with tax expertise and educational information.

We know that an educated driver is a loyal one.  We can help your company with driver retention through educational seminars and technology.

Jim O'donnell 

Jim O'Donnell - CEO and Founder 

I want to thank you all for the long hours, hard work, and endless trips you make to keep this country rolling.  I consider it a privilege to not only prepare your tax returns, but to help you become more profitable, 


  • Tax preparation
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax seminars
  • Tax education courses
  • Public speaking engagements
  • Profit margin management


Trucker Tax Service, Inc.  is a go to resource for us to help inform, educate, and advise our subscribers. 



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