successful drivers understand three things

How to Protect themselves

As an OTR driver your first step is to protect yourself.  That means never giving the IRS the upper hand.  When you File Your Tax Return on time and it's accurate, you take control.  If you are late you file an Extension.  And, if you are not current, you do a Past Tax Review to catch up.

How to Protect their business

After protecting yourself and your money, you will then have to protect your business.  Incorporation can not only protect you, but will protect your assets.  With Payroll, you insure the IRS does not get more than they should. And, for the Elite Driver you will need help to keep a close eye on your finances.

How to Protect their money

One of the most important aspects of filing your tax return is making sure you Track Your Expenses. The best way is with a simple, easy to use app.  But, if you are not inclined to technology, let us Track Your Receipts for you.  Either way, counting your pennies, saves you dollars.