• Days Returning - A Partial Per Diem1:59
  • Home Office as a Deduction2:37
  • LLC vs S-Corp2:17
  • Meals & Entertainment1:55
  • Past Tax Reviews2:18
  • Per Diem 2017 and Before3:35
  • Per Diem 2018 and After4:12
  • TAPApp3:38
  • When the IRS Contacts You1:32

Short Answers to tough questions

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Truckertaxjim's Audio Library

Jim has done countless seminars, educational Q&As, and radio programs.  As a specialist in OTR driver taxes, he is highly sought after.  Please enjoy listening to him answer some of the most common and complex tax issues facing the OTR driver today:

  • Trucker Tax Service Interview21:46