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We target the individual OTR driver and trucking companies. Whether you are an owner operator or a company driver, we think we can help you.  We love the trucking companies who are looking for a recruiting advantage with another tool in their recruitment box.  We think we can make a difference in your business because we know your drivers and we know their taxes.  We want to be in this for the long haul.

If any of the above interests you, please drop us a line or call us so we can talk it over.  Thanks.           

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Hello, my name is Jim O'Donnell.  While I have a background in finance, I was never as excited about using it till I got in the trucking industry well over 15 years ago.  I have talked with literally thousands of OTR drivers over the past 15 years since I opened the doors to Trucker Tax Service and have loved every minute of it.  I have saved thousands of dollars for hundreds of drivers because I listen, I understand, and am willing to share everything I've learned with all of you who come to us with your taxes.

TruckertaxJim owner of Trucker Tax Service

Chances are your old tax preparer . . .

Why you should switch your tax preparation to Trucker Tax Service
  1. Has no volume of clients in trucking; so doesn’t invest the time to learn about your industry (does not have the knowledge to ask the necessary questions)
  2. Is a part time employee, who only works during tax season (most likely has never completed a tax return for an OTR driver)
  3. Has never heard of the term – Per Diem (doesn't know the difference between paid Per Diem and individual Per Diem that is allowed as a deduction)
  4. Is not a CPA with the proper knowledge and experience (has never completed a corporate return or a schedule-C and may only know about the software they use to process a return)
  5. Has no idea how many deductions are available (reluctant to file the amount of expenses you incurred last year because it seems excessive to the inexperienced)

Trucker Tax Service (TTS) is a nationwide company servicing the truck driving community with experts who provide a fast and secure method for TTS to track and file taxes for you when on the road.  TTS provides a bookkeeping application, where your revenue and expenses are entered and tracked. Where you can create profit and loss statements with a year-to-date estimate of your tax liability.    TTS will prepare individual/corporate tax filings that can be processed while you are on the road, and file extensions at the appropriate times of the year for those who are not quite ready to file their taxes.

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