Trucker Tax Service provides tax services to the OTR driver nationwide

nationwide tax consultant to the otr driver


Please email copies of the appropriate documents to:
888-799-1099 Ext 200 or
Fax to​ 888-750-7557

Service Fees 

Corporate Return Service Fee - $510.00
Individual Return Service Fee -  $190.00
                                         Total - $700.00

2021 Tax Organizer for Corporate Drivers

This page is for any driver who Is taxed as a corporation.  You can be a C Corp, S Corp, or an LLC being taxed as an S Corp. 

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Our process begins with the tax organizer.  This online form, when filled out, will contain your personal information, tax information (required by the IRS), a list of your total deductions, and corporate information.  After completing the form, please press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the last page.  We will receive a copy instantaneously.

Other documents we will need

Tax preparation 

This page is for Corporate Drivers (S Corp/C Corp)

Once you have sent the tax organizer, we will need copies of your tax documents.  Below you will find a list of possible documents.

  • If you are a first time client you must send us a copy of your previous year’s tax return
  • 1099s and W2s
  • SS4 showing your EIN
  • A copy of your SS4 and Articles of Incorporation
  • Purchase agreement for tractors/trailers
  • Depreciation schedules
  • Loan documents
  • Pension/IRA or investment documents
  • Insurance form 1095A
  • Any correspondence marked "Important Tax Documents"

Do not send any receipts or back up documents that detail the deductions you entered into the tax organizer.