nationwide tax consultant to the otr driver


How it Works

If you have ever noticed that another driver working for the same company you work for, running similar routes that you run, yet they pay less in taxes, then you need someone to give you a "second chance".

Even team drivers can find themselves with dramatically different tax bills!  So, how does this happen?  Are all tax preparers suspect?  The truth is, not all tax preparers understand the trucking industry.

Some are experts on the software it takes to file your taxes---but not on drivers.  Some are experts in general tax law----but not on drivers . . . and some are relatives.  If you are turning over your taxes to any of the above, we want to give you a "second chance".

If we can't save you money, then at the very least, you know your taxes were done properly.  At best, you get some money back, enough to cover what we charge to re-submit your past taxes and then some.  But, I promise, I have saved drivers just like you thousands of dollars by taking a second look.

This program only costs you $50.00 to take a look.  If we believe you will get more money back than you pay the usual fee for processing your tax return.

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