CFO Services

These services are strictly for the elite driver.  If you make over $250,000 a year, then you need these financial services.  It allows you to outsource the duties and responsibilities of a large corporation Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

As a driver, you wear many hats.  Some hats fit better than others.  That's why you rely on help to make sure you don't drop the ball, especially if that ball is a financial one and can impact every other hat you wear.

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What's in it for you

Each individual or company that chooses this option will require a unique set of services because you are unique.  But, to give you an idea of what those services might be, we have compiled a list of the ones most used by others in your position:

  • Review of monthly or quarterly accounting
  • Provide calculation of current year tax liability and payments of estimated taxes
  • Set up and clean-up of current financials
  • Work with you to find current tax savings.
  • Keep your “Tax Preparation ready” for smooth end of year
  • Train you and/or your staff to maximize their time and energies
  • Give you financial information that will help you feel more in control
  • Provide assistance through the use of a Power-of-Attorney Form, signed by you, to be able to represent you or your corporation on any federal or state tax issue

All pricing will be determined up front based on the needs and requirements of the individual/company participating.