Additional Employees/contractors

W2 Employees

For each additional W2 employee there will be a $25.00 set up fee and no monthly charge for employees who are paid a fixed amount per pay period.

Set Up Fee: $75.00 per company (one time fee)
$75.00 per month, per company
Includes one employee/contractor who is paid a fixed amount per pay period.  There will be a  $10 per month fee for paying an employee/contractor a variable amount per pay period

​If you have more than one employee, there will be a year-end fee of $50.00 per additional employee for creating their W2s.

1099 Contractors

For each additional 1099 contractor there will be a $25.00 set up fee, plus $10 per month for paying a contractor a variable amount per pay period.

Payroll Fees

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One of the red flag items that the IRS reviews in a tax return for an S Corporation is the wages paid to the shareholder. If there are no wages paid to the shareholder, then this is an audit item that may cause the IRS to further review the return.

A reasonable wage is a must. The IRS requires an S Corp shareholder to receive a W-2 from the S corporation. You must have a W-2 wage so that FICA and Medicare taxes are paid to the government on your compensation.

Evading taxes by disguising your wages as a distribution could get you serious penalties, on top of a big back-tax bill. If an IRS audit recharacterizes your S Corporation income as wage, you could pay tax penalties of up to 100%, plus negligence penalties.