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2023 Tax Organizer for 1099 Contractors

This page is for any driver who is a 1099 contractor, but not incorporated.  That will be a contractor, a lease operator, or owner operator.  Because you deductions are more complex than other professionals, we will be more thorough, take more time, and explore more options in order to make sure you receive every available deduction possible.

Service Fee - $525.00

Please email copies of the appropriate documents to:
888-799-1099 Ext 200 or

Fax to​ 888-750-7557

Once you have sent the tax organizer, we will need copies of your tax documents.  Below you will find a list of possible documents.

  • If you are a first time client you must send us a copy of your previous year’s tax return
  • 1099s and W2s
  • SS4 showing your EIN
  • Purchase agreement for tractors/trailers
  • Depreciation Schedules
  • Loan documents
  • Pension/IRA or investment documents
  • Insurance form 1095A which you have received from the marketplace
  • Any correspondence marked "Important Tax Documents"

It is not necessary to send any receipts or back up documents that detail the deductions you entered into the tax organizer.

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Our process begins with the tax organizer.  This online form, when filled out, will provide us with your personal information, tax information (required by the IRS), and a list of all your deductions.  After completing the form, please press the “Submit” button at the bottom of the last page.  We will receive a copy instantaneously.

Tax preparation

This page is for Lease/Owner Operators,

Contractors, and single-member LLCs