Mr. Nerdnick​

We have just the guy to compile all your receipts,  put them in an IRS approved category, and enter them into a spreadsheet.  We keep a copy of the spreadsheet so when it comes time to prepare your tax return, you don't have to go hunting through your receipts to find your deductions, we have them all.

Here's how this works:

  • Pack up your receipts and mail them to us every month before the 10th
  • Include a self-addressed envelope with stamps so we can return your receipts
  • We enter them in a spreadsheet
  • We return a copy of the spreadsheet to you for your records each month
  • When you give us your annual tax information, you don't have to compile your deductions, we already have them

This service will cost you $75 a month, plus the usual tax prep fee to file that year's tax return

If you want to talk more, call us at 888-799-1099 or if you would like to sign up, please click below

Receipt Tracking

With all the software apps, technical devices and automation, we sometimes forget the person who doesn't want any of that.  If you are tired of technology taking over your life we are offering our RECEIPT TRACKING service.  And, this is simple.  Once a month, you mail/email us a copy of your receipts and we put them in a spreadsheet which we send back to you.