You know that person who not only does her job but does a little bit or your job, too.  That's Jan.  She knows how everything works and makes sure it does in fact work.   She takes each of you and makes sure you go through our process smoothly and without incident.  You may never talk to her, but we promise by the time it is all said and done, she will have had a hand in your overall experience with Trucker Tax Service.  When you get a minute, she is the one you should thank.

Jim Yergens is so busy he couldn't look up from his desk even for this picture, although, some say this is his best side. 

Jim is our go to guy to make sure we as an organization stay on top of all the latest changes in our tax system.  He is also responsible for insuring that each member of our team of tax experts is in fact a tax expert and remains so.  It is a tough job and we all appreciate and respect Jim for his work ethic and knowledge base.

David's background is in business operations and marketing.  He has extensive experience in operational software programs designed to make business process smooth and transparent to the client base.  Additionally, David's background in technology will be invaluable in bringing us new technology that will help make your job easier, or faster, or more efficient and hopefully all of the above.

David is also a decorated veteran.  He helps us bring a renewed awareness of honoring all our veterans and providing them with some extra attention and respect.

Jan Smith
Manager Tax Operations
Jim Yergens
VP Tax Services
David Stixrood
VP Business Operations
Jim O'Donnell 
CEO and Founder
Jim O’Donnell, CEO and Founder, spotted this unique opportunity while working for a tax service company. “With my previous experience dealing with the truck stop industry”, says Jim O’Donnell, “and my meetings and conversations with truck stop operators, I saw a great opportunity for a virtual tax service for the drivers.

Most tax preparers don’t realize how much time a truck driver spends on the road, where they qualify for Per Diem, and how many deductions a driver is entitled to while on the road.  They also don’t grasp how difficult it is for a driver to simply prepare their receipts prior to sitting down with a qualified tax preparer.”

Jim has over 28 years of experience in several industries, including the truck stop industry, Wi-Fi operations, franchise ownership and management, as well as owning his own technology company. His career has facilitated many relationships that are crucial to the success of this venture.