Easy to use app for OTR drivers to track expenses

Once you become a TAPApp client, you will need access to all our support resources.  Here you will find, videos, website pages, audio recordings, telephone numbers, FAQs, blogs, and more.

We offer TAPApp for individual drivers.  It allows any lease or owner operator to track their finances through an easy to use app, make live calls to tax experts in the trucking industry, and have their taxes completed all for one low price.

                  for individuals

​         Anytime Bookkeeping, Live Calls, and Individual Tax Filing


​         Anytime Bookkeeping, Live Calls, and Individual Tax Filing 

We also offer TAPApp to trucking companies.  This allows companies to roll out TAPApp out to all their lease or owner operators.  We want to impact a company's bottom line by helping them better manage driver turn over with our unique tools to increase driver loyalty and retention.

                 for Companies

​         Anytime Bookkeeping, Live Calls, and Individual Tax Filing 

TAP - Trucker Advantage program

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